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Dark Sun Rising - (US-Scarlet Crusade) - Alliance is a casual guild, outfitted with intelligent, well spoken, and helpful players. DSR is built with Alliances and good friends. Our guild, raid, and vent chats are laid back with the occasional friendly jokes. Members are to respect each other. We do not tolerate rude, obnoxious behaviors. We believe in achieving impressive results in a non-competitive environment. Each member is expected to enjoy themselves while simultaneously experiencing all the contents World of Warcraft has to offer. We do expect all members to have knowledge of their main character. DSR does welcome alts; however, main characters are first choice for raids. Although gear is somewhat important, skills and self-improvement are essential to DSR. Before one thinks of joining DSR, please be prepared to receive constructive criticism from the Guild Leadership and fellow members concerning spec, talent tree, gem choices, ect. Please realize this is for the overall benefit of the guild / raiding members.




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